Radio Legend Wolfman Jack Returns to XPatRadio.mx Christmas Day in 2 Hour Special

Stream the show live Christmas Day (8-10 GMT) at http://xpatradio.mx or via TuneIn streaming app

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (PRWEB) December 24, 2016 — Legendary rock radio DJ Wolfman Jack returns to
the airwaves Christmas Day (12/25/16) via XPatRadio.mx (8-10pm GMT) in a 2 hour holiday themed radio
show. The Wolfman Jack radio show begins January 2, 2017 (10-11pm GMT) on XPatRadio.mx, airing daily
Monday through Friday nights. The program streams live via the TuneIn radio streaming app, as well as via the
station’s website XPatRadio.mx.

A legendary rock & roll DJ in the ’60s, Wolfman Jack had the personality to attract millions of listeners to the
sound of rock, as well as a deep love for rhythm & blues. Born Bob Smith in Brooklyn, he developed an
interest in radio broadcasting as a youngster. In 1962 he got a job at Shreveport’s KCIJ-AM with his show Big
Smith with the Records. The Wolfman Jack character formed in his mind before he moved to XERF-AM in
Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. In 1965, he moved to XERB-AM, another Mexico-based radio station. It was there that
the legend began to make news around the world.

“We are proud to welcome back the legendary Wolfman Jack radio program for our listeners in Mexico as well
as those streaming around the world via our website and the TuneIn radio app! The most famous radio
personality of all time, will soon be heard nightly on http://xpatradio.mx starting January 2nd, 2017,” said
XPatRadio.mx CEO Jan Yearwood-Schumacher.

Wolfman Jack was immortalized in the film ‘American Graffiti’ and was also the host of the long running NBC
music series ‘The Midnight Special’. When the Wolfman went to Rock & Roll Heaven in 1995, the tapes of all
his shows had been locked in a vault and hidden away. Wolfman never told anyone where the tapes were… and
fans around the world have been searching for years to find them. Some months ago the discovery was made in
the jungles of Mexico, by Dr. D. Wedge, in a cave guarded by 15 white wolves. The solid gold vault was
retrieved under the cover of a moonless night. The tapes have now been digitally enhanced and they sound
great! There was only one radio legend like Wolfman Jack and we’ve got him on XPatRadio.mx.

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