Traffic Alert! San Jose Del Cabo 2-12-2017

Sunday, February 12, there will be a half marathon centered in San Jose. Most of that town will be bolixed up with closed streets, including the entrance to the toll road that goes to the airport. The race HQ is the convention center that sits just in front of the toll booth. (last race)

Also affected is the four lane about half way to Cabo. They usually use two lanes, forcing the two way traffic into the other two lanes. Think of the four lane as the two lane for Sunday. One would think two lanes would be adequate, but what with the looky loos and the crazy way they direct traffic, two lanes don’t work well.

If you are going to the airport from San Lucas that day we strongly recommend you take the toll road from the beginning. From San Lucas. If you are in San Jose, we strongly recommend you stay put. Or walk. Or enjoy the race activities.

259 02 12 Half Marathon Map

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