Tropical Storm Lidia – BCS Mexico Weather Update

Update On Storm

Both roads to the airport from Cabo and San Jose were closed Friday.

At least 2 bridges of the new toll road are down, and the Arroyo Santa Rosa in San Jose, just outside of town on the road to the airport and the East Cape dropped some 3 yards. No vehicle traffic there.

The San Jose international airport is in good condition, but no airline personnel showed up to work, both due to the bad roads and that all U.S. airlines cancelled today’s flights. The Cabo San Lucas airport is also open and ready for landings and take offs.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) reports a total of 670 millimeters fell in San Jose, while Cabo San Lucas got 500 millimeters. Los Cabos had not received so much water in 84 years, since 1933.

Four people died at last count, 2 men electrocuted, a woman in an arroyo and a 2-year old who was snatched from his mother’s arms while trying to cross a flooded street in a high risk, impoverished area.

The arroyo that ends at Club Cascadas beach dragged dozens of vehicles and buried them totally or partially in the sand. Authorities are looking for trapped or dead people.

A building collapsed in the Puerto Nuevo neighborhood in San Jose, near the airport – behind Soriana and City club. The inhabitants had been evacuated. This makes 2 collapsed buildings, one in Cabo San Lucas collapsed yesterday too.

The main drag in Cabo where the Chevrolet dealership is located, is impassable, due to large amounts of sand and debris. Next door, the Vagabundos restaurant is full of sand. It seems a total loss. As well, the trailer park. The pool is completely filled in so if you stand on it, you think it’s not even there.

There is damage on the fourlane at El Tezal – by the RIU hotel, at Cerro Colorado, and the Santa Rosa arroyo in San Jose dropped down about 3 yards. No vehicle traffic there.

There are reports of road damage towards the East Cape. The Santa Anita bridge, north of San Jose, collapsed. There are road cuts in La Ribera, MIraflores and Santiago too.

The lobby of the Hotel RIU in Cabo was flooded with mud, nailing many guests who were standing there at the time. The bottom floor of the EL Encanto Inn and Suites in San Jose was flooded; the water rose to nearly 60 inches. Owner Blanca Pedrin has declared the bottom floor a total loss.

102,000 homes lost electricity. The CFE, Mexico’s power commission, reports nearly 30% re-established by Friday night. The CFE has 1,559 technicians, 233 cranes, 281 pick-ups, 7 all-terrain vehicles, 4 helicopters, 51 generators and 26 mobile lights operating.

Water wells throughout Los Cabos have been damaged and the water supply agency halted the desal plant to prevent damage. Water supply is currently suspended, until all wells, pumps and the desal plant are inspected and damage repaired.

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References: http://www.gringogazette.com/

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